Letter of Engagement


We, at Tax Remedy USA, pride ourselves at being transparent about our fees and the process through which we serve our clients. We believe it is important for our clients to understand the process for resolving tax debt so they have realistic expectations for solving their specific tax problems.


We do not take on a client unless we believe they are a legitimate candidate for tax relief.  The IRS has very strict guidelines governing eligibility, so we let our clients know up-front what tax relief options are viable for resolving their specific IRS problems.

The Process

Once we are engaged, we will get all of your tax records from the IRS and state tax authorities.  We analyze the records and see what exactly your personal tax problems are.  Then we prepare a personalized plan to address your particular problems using the programs that you qualify for.  After that, we prepare or correct all of your delinquent tax returns and get them filed with the IRS and state authorities to get you back into compliance.  Then we take the necessary steps to release any bank levies or wage garnishment against you in connection with the negotiation of a tax resolution program that may include an Offer in Compromise, a properly structured Installment Agreement, Penalty Abatement, Currently Not Collectible status, and other mechanisms and programs applicable to your situation.

Engagement Letter

If we decide to take you on as a client, we will send you an engagement letter for you to sign.  This engagement letter will detail the general services that we will provide and the fees we expect to charge for those services.  This engagement letter details only the services and fees necessary to complete the majority of tax resolution matters.  It will not include additional services that may be required to resolve unforeseen matters that may arise.  Such additional work and fees, if necessary, will be covered in an additional engagement letter.

The engagement letter will also detail your responsibilities to us, as a client.

You will be asked to sign and return the engagement letter to us, along with your deposit before we begin work on your matter.

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